Troy Lovegates


Troy Lovegates (also known as Derek Mehaffey) began painting on the streets around 1988 after noticing graffiti on the buildings in Toronto that would magically appear overnight. Also around this time he developed a love for rail travel, therefore it was natural for him to begin displaying his art on trains. His rail work became… Read more

Susan Greene


Susan Greene is a social art practitioner, educator and clinical psychologist, using multiple media and formats to reveal, disrupt, and make connections leading to new ways of thinking, seeing and acting. Greene’s practice straddles a range of cultural arenas, new media, public art, video, and installation. She focuses on the borders and migrations involving memory,… Read more

Sydney Cain


Sydney “Sage” Cain is a black visual artist born and raised in San Francisco. Her work has been a reflection of an unseen reality we all live in. Organic elements have manifested lost myths that resurface in the work attesting to the spiral motion of time and space. In other words a channeled visualization of the… Read more

Santie Huckaby


Santie Huckaby has spent the past 40 years in San Francisco working as a professional musician, sign painter and muralist. His mural career includes over fifteen interior and twelve exterior murals painted over a span of fourteen years. This includes the Rosa Parks mural, awarded best mural of 1997. His work-in-progress is the Tribute to Jazz,… Read more

Jessica Sabogal


Jessica Sabogal is a first generation Colombian American graffiti artist, hip-hop dancer, toymaker, and photographer. Inspired by the stories less told, Jessica works towards a more unified and connected earth by making art that incites action, inspiration and appreciation. Her art serves as a haven, a tribute, a creative outlet of adoration and exaltation for… Read more

Hamilton Glass


Ham? is an artist native to Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in Philadelphia allowed Hamilton to experience different cultures and art. As a young child his mother constantly enrolled him in art classes at the Philadelphia Institute of Art. Here he gained a strong foundation that allowed him to tap into his creative side and begin… Read more

Shawn Bullen


Shawn Bullen is a highly skilled muralist, using his talents to beautify our world and inspire the people in it. He works in a wide variety of styles, collaborating with his clients to create culturally relevant and uplifting works of art. Shawn has produced hundreds of murals in public and private spaces across the world,… Read more

Ian Ross

juice badger 2

Ian Ross paints energy. In front of an audience on stage, in his San Francisco gallery, or in the warehouse at Facebook HQ, his work is alive.  Ross works “without the burden of intention” and reacts to each moment with bold graffiti inspired forms and colors. Ross has developed his unique style for 20 years… Read more

4546 3rd Street

Photo by J. Astra Brinkmann

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