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Deep Roots 05: StreetSmARTS

Francisco Aquino talking with youth at his mural. Photo by Michele Kraus.

Listen to this podcast to learn about StreetSmARTS and hear an artist profile on StreetSmARTS artist Francisco Aquino, who started doing graffiti in the early days of hip-hop.



Locust has been living in the Bay Area for 20 years and currently resides in San Francisco’s Mission District with his dog Wolfgang. As an artist, Locust strives to maintain a link between reality and the imagination, as so many people get pulled too far into the mode of survival and lose touch with the wonderful… Read more

Deirdre Weinberg


Deirdre Weinberg approaches a public space with a sense of opportunity and responsibility, an opportunity to become absorbed in the possibilities that a particular space presents and a responsibility to act as a creative interpreter and conduit of a community’s truths, successes and hopes. Typically she spends time in the area near the wall, noticing… Read more

Zoe Ani

Photo by James Giotta

Zoe Ani‘s work ranges from representational to abstract landscapes. She explores various mediums, such as encaustic, oil and watercolor. Each brings a unique characteristic that challenges her efforts to stay present. Zoe articulates the rural and urban visions around me that change in dramatic fashion by focusing on her experience in the moment. A constant resource are Zoe’s own photographs as… Read more

Paz de la Calzada


Paz de la Calzada, a native of Madrid, Spain, is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, sculpture and installation. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and received her Masters of Fine Arts at UNAM, Mexico City. Paz has exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and Mexico… Read more

Tirso Gonzalez


Hailing from Mexico, Tirso Gonzalez first started drawing when he was in middle school. Starting off drawing caricatures of friends and teachers, he later began to draw cartoons about social issues that affected the people of his city and state. His first work as an artist began at a local newspaper; it took him only… Read more

Mel Waters


Mel Waters, being born to both Filipino and African-American parentage, grew up with a strong, unending desire to make art by being inspired by his own “portrait” of life experiences. With an unbreakable support system made up of family and friends, Mel creates most of his subject matter based on his life experiences which he… Read more

StreetSmARTS Urban Mural Video: Marina Perez-Wong

Marina Perez Wong

StreetSmARTS artist Marina Perez-Wong designed and painted a colorful mural at 485 Scott Street, which includes images of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park and other historic San Francisco landmarks.