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StreetSmARTS pool of artists

To see the full list of artists selected for StreetSmARTS, click here.

245 Leavenworth Street

Artist: Camer1 of Rattlecan Blasters

Deep Roots 05: StreetSmARTS

Listen to this podcast to learn about StreetSmARTS and hear an artist profile on StreetSmARTS artist Francisco Aquino, who started doing graffiti in the early days of hip-hop.

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Locust has been living in the Bay Area for 20 years and currently resides in San Francisco’s Mission District with his dog Wolfgang. As an artist, Locust strives to maintain a link between reality and the imagination, as so many people get pulled too far into the mode of survival and lose touch with the wonderful [...]

Deirdre Weinberg

Deirdre Weinberg approaches a public space with a sense of opportunity and responsibility, an opportunity to become absorbed in the possibilities that a particular space presents and a responsibility to act as a creative interpreter and conduit of a community’s truths, successes and hopes. Typically she spends time in the area near the wall, noticing [...]

Michael Frank

Originally from Chicago, Michael Frank relocated to San Francisco in fall 2005. His main reason for the move was the creative energy around visual art. Michael works mostly with mixed media: spray paint, markers, house paint, acrylic, and other media. He works on building layers and leaving looseness in the final product. He has a [...]

M.K. Zoe Ani

M.K. Zoe Ani’s work ranges from representational to abstract landscapes. Her perspective is enriched by her Hawaiian and American Indian heritage. Her experience is one of a dichotomy of two cultures separated not only by a vast ocean, but also a mindset that is reflective of the dissemination of each indigenous group. She developed her [...]

Joseph Grooney

Joseph Grooney is “a graffiti writer for life.” He changes his style with every piece, and everything in life directly influences what he paints. Graffiti art has been his addiction for the past fifteen years and he welcomes it everyday.

Paz de la Calzada

Paz de la Calzada, a native of Madrid, Spain, is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, sculpture and installation. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and received her Masters of Fine Arts at UNAM, Mexico City. Paz has exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and Mexico [...]

Amanda Gonzales

Amanda Gonzales began painting murals with both brushes and spray can about three years ago and has been drawn to these magical mediums ever since. There is a very personal connection between an artist and their work, but there is something more to be said when that artist puts their work in a public space [...]

April Berger

April Berger is an artist who has been living and creating art in San Francisco for thirty years. Her work is primarily non-figurative, which allows the viewer to have an immediate response to the color, texture, pattern, and forms that they are seeing. Her love of color has been the main focus of her works [...]

NoMé Edonna

NoMé Edonna is a self-taught artist from California, working primarily in painting, drawing, mixed media and sculptural installation. Techniques and styles rooted in Dada/Surrealism, Art Nouveau, Mannerism and ‘Graffiti Art,’ are visually prevalent, yet re-contextualized addressing contemporary issues. His works, although always containing some element of the spiritual, have become increasingly focused on current social, [...]

Tirso Gonzalez

Hailing from Mexico, Tirso Gonzalez first started drawing when he was in middle school. Starting off drawing caricatures of friends and teachers, he later began to draw cartoons about social issues that affected the people of his city and state. His first work as an artist began at a local newspaper; it took him only [...]

Mel Waters

Mel Waters, being born to both Filipino and African-American parentage, grew up with a strong, unending desire to make art by being inspired by his own “portrait” of life experiences. With an unbreakable support system made up of family and friends, Mel creates most of his subject matter based on his life experiences which he [...]

1354 York Street

Artist: Nico Berry
Property Owner: Catherine Wagner