This is Where: Posters on the Muni T Line

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We are thrilled to present This is Where: Poems on Place and Memory. This poster series will be on display on Muni’s T-Third Street Line light rail platforms in Bayview Hunters Point from mid June to mid July 2014. The posters feature poem excerpts by seven youth, ages 14 to 17, who participated in WritersCorps workshops at College Track San Francisco, an educational nonprofit based in Bayview Hunters Point. The teens wrote about memories tied to specific places in San Francisco, many of them in the Bayview. These poems are not just memories, they are maps. They tell the histories of our young people, the history of right now. See all the posters here.

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Free Me Fast: Voices From Inside SF’s Juvenile Justice Center

WritersCorps is proud to present Free Me Fast, an album of poems by students at San Francisco’s Juvenile Justice Center. The album was created by WritersCorps teaching artist Maddy Clifford, who writes, “The students housed at Juvenile Hall hail from many different neighborhoods throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. Yet, all of them have one thing in common: the challenging task of doing time. Every Friday, I taught five creative writing classes, trying my absolute best to invite young folks to engage in the power of the written and spoken word. The experienced challenged me to be a better teacher, artist, performer and human. In the end, their jokes, dreams, fears and insights resonated with me. It is my hope that these pieces celebrate the urgent voices of incarcerated youth, not just in the Bay Area, but throughout the entire country!”

This album features 10 poems by students at JJC, over custom instrumental accompaniment by Kevin Carnes of the Broun Fellinis. Special thanks to Constance Walker, Kevin Carnes, Jeff Lawrence, De’la, Chhoti Maa and the youth participants! Feel free to listen, comment and share the album, available digitally now on Soundcloud. CDs are available in our online store.

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