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Welcome to the section of this website that focused on the work of our WritersCorps teaching artists (1994-2016). Whether you’re a teaching artist yourself, a classroom teacher, a community program director, a parent, a young poet, or someone simply curious about the work of sharing writing with young people, please explore the information we’ve gathered here.

WritersCorps teaching artists were independent at their sites, and were also part of a group that met often. Trainings and meetings allowed our teachers to support — and share with — each other. Click on Training to find out more about the history of the field by former WritersCorps training coordinator, Judith Tannenbaum.

Our teachers created their own lessons and curricula, and there were many opportunities to share these with each other. To see some of these lessons, some of them taken from our book “Jump Write In!,” please click on Lessons.

Many of our teaching artists wrote memoirs at the end of the program year. To read some of these, please click on Memoirs.

Update about WritersCorps- March 31, 2016

WritersCorps changed from a direct service program to a teaching artist grant program. To read more about this transition and the new WritersCorps Teaching Artist in Residence (WCTAIR) grant, please click here. The new grant begins in the summer of 2016.

Jump Write In!


At last, a collection of lesson plans created by WritersCorps, now available from Jossey-Bass. Jump Write In! represents more than 10 years of creative writing exercises developed by our teachers with great model poems by WritersCorps youth.

See the Table of Contents
Read a sample chapter: Icebreakers and Opening Games
Buy it now: WritersCorps Store