Mission Girl

October 7th, 2013 by Admin
I belong in the Mission,
I grew up there, and people are friendly,
it looks like a little Mexico, and that’s my home.
My grandpa inspires me.
He was, and still is, a great person.
I wanna be like that.
I love hip hop
like I love my three-year-old brother
when he is playing with my basketball
and he has a big smile.
I dream of getting a 3.0 for the rest of the year
because I promised my dad and grandpa I would.
I stand up for myself.
If someone is talking about me,
I will go up to them and say,
“Why are you talking about me?”
I know you have my back
when you are always there for me.
When I am down and sad, you’re with me.
When I am in trouble, you say,
“When you are in trouble,
I’m in trouble.”
I will fight for my life,
protect myself,
stick up for myself,
won’t let anyone hurt me.
I will fight for my life,
it is my life, and I wanna keep it.
I wanna be here.

–Angelica Salazar, 15

From the WritersCorps 2013 book Be About It: Affirmations of Life & Love by students at International Studies Academy.

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