My Friendly Stalker

February 11th, 2013 by Admin

I would have never thought I’d have a stalker
I mean, it follows me everywhere when
there’s bright light
it disappears when it starts to get dark…
I don’t know, maybe it’s scared or something
It grows insanely fast like big, tall green trees,
but it also gets short like
really teeny tiny dwarfs
I can never see my shadow’s socks or its shoes
It seems to scream out because it’s tired
of being on the floor and walls
I feel like it’s my guardian angel
My shadow is always with me and always will be
My friendly foe that stalks me is glad to be with me

– Alejandra Ramos, 15
From the WritersCorps 2012 book “Writing Out of the Shadows,” by students at Mission High School.

Poem of the Month: February 2013

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