Programs 2015-2016

The WritersCorps program worked in more than 52 community-based organizations in San Francisco. Each year WritersCorps placed accomplished writers in agencies serving youth, such as schools, libraries, juvenile detention facilities, and social service agencies. WritersCorps served youth, ages 6 to 22, with a particular emphasis on immigrant, incarcerated, homeless, educationally-disadvantaged and low-income youth.

In-School Programs

In 2015-2016, WritersCorps offered weekly workshops and on-going mentoring during the entire academic year at San Francisco public schools.

After-School Programs

At libraries, community organizations, and social service agencies, we offered  after-school programs. In 2015-2016, all WritersCorps workshops were free. 

Juvenile Hall

The Juvenile Justice Center is a short-term youth detention facility for the City and County of San Francisco. WritersCorps provides writing workshops for all units at juvenile hall, and also partners with The Beat Within, a publication of writing and art from inside juvenile hall.

Jump Write In!


At last, a collection of lesson plans created by WritersCorps, now available from Jossey-Bass. Jump Write In! represents more than 10 years of creative writing exercises developed by our teachers with great model poems by WritersCorps youth.

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