Poetry from Home Plate! – WritersCorps/Giants Recap

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On Sunday, May 5, 2013, we were thrilled to be the Community Partner for the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. Our students were treated to complimentary tickets to the Giants vs. Dodgers game and were so excited at the chance to cheer on the home team!


Our Apprentices student Evelyn Leon, 19, read her poem “My Place In the Field,” from home plate before the game. (You can read her poem at the end of this post.)


Evelyn was joined by her instructor, WritersCorps teaching artist Rose Tully.


Evelyn was also joined by her proud parents.


Many thanks to the San Francisco Giants for the opportunity!

See Evelyn read her poem in this video:

Check out the rest of the photos from the game here. Thanks to photographer J. Astra Brinkmann!

My Place In the Field

You see, I was scared.
It was the first Giants game
I ever attended.
I hated it at first.
Screaming, cursing, garbage.
Thirteen, and looking for Mom and Dad,
I sat my little sister on a bench.
The star of the show seemed to be a ball.
The man swinging his bat had all the attention.
Hopefully, he was going to make a home run.
(Whatever that is.)
Back to reality—
I grabbed my sister,
Ran up the stairs, down the hall
Next to the ice cream stand.
Trying to find my parents,
I witnessed an amazing sight.
Being a person of color,
Always made me think of the world
As a divided place.
As distracted as I was,
Always admiring white clouds above everyone,
Brown dirt underneath everything,
I saw
Everyone joined together in the stadium,
All united together in the field.

—Evelyn Leon, 19

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