Request for Proposal

Special Project: Affordable Housing Counseling

Technical Assistance Program for San Francisco artists and arts workers

Project Overview

The San Francisco Arts Commission is seeking to fund a community-based 501c3 organization that has an established mission to provide services and technical assistance to increase access to affordable housing specifically for San Francisco residents.

The grant period will be from June 1, 2017- June 30, 2018 with the possible option for subsequent funding, pending an appropriation of funds and satisfactory grantee performance.

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Project Description

Priority will be given to those agencies that currently perform similar services and demonstrate ability to successfully meet the outcomes of the RFP.  

A.    The extent to which the applicant demonstrates a successful history of effectively serving San Francisco residents for affordable housing access 25%      
B.    The extent to which the proposed program and budget meets the objectives, eligible activities, and program description outlined in the RFP and aligns with SFAC values and mission. 30%
C.    The extent to which the proposal outlines specific, measurable and realistic outcomes for the targeted population and reflects promising practices. 25%    
D.    Extent to which applicant demonstrates a robust evaluation methodology including appropriate tracking of participant data. 10%
E.    Extent to which applicant demonstrates staff experience and expertise required to deliver successful programs.  10%
The use of City funds is subject to numerous local requirements. A few of the requirements are briefly summarized below.  

  • Accessibility:  programs and services must be accessible to persons with disabilities.  Program access can be achieved in many cases without having to alter the existing facility.
  • Non-Discrimination:  agencies must comply with federal, state and San Francisco prohibitions against discrimination in fair housing and equal employment opportunity, and in awarding contracts.  Agencies must also comply with the Equal Benefits Ordinance for domestic partners.
  • Procurement:  projects must comply with federal conflict of interest regulations, and regulatory procedures for obtaining and contracting for goods and services.
  • Ineligible Reimbursements:  funds for activities occurring prior to the commencement date of the grant agreement cannot be reimbursed.  
  • Religious Activity:  funds may not be used for religious purposes or for property owned by religious entities except where the grant recipient is a secular non-profit organization with a long term lease.
  • Political Activity:  funds may not be used for political activity.


This is a Request for Proposals (RFP) from the Arts Commission announcing that approximately $115,000 will be made available to fund technical assistance efforts for housing opportunities targeting San Francisco artists and arts workers and others that meet the affordable housing criteria.  Applicants may apply for up to $115,000.

Selection Process

All submitted proposals will be screened by a panel comprised of SFAC and Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) staff, and may include a member of the San Francisco arts community to determine completeness and eligibility.  Ineligible proposals will be eliminated.  The panel will evaluate all complete and eligible proposals and will make the final selection of the agencies/agency to be awarded a grant(s). The preliminary schedule for review and approval is:

April 12, 2017  Proposals due to SFAC by 5:00 PM
May 1, 2017 Commission approval
June 1, 2017 Program/Services begin

Please note this is a tentative schedule and the calendar and timing may be subject to change.


How To Apply


  1. Please be as succinct as possible. The narrative section must be no longer than three pages double spaced. Reviewers will not consider text beyond the indicated text limitations and/or space provided. Please use the form provided.
  2. No handwritten proposals will be accepted. Proposals must be typed or computer generated and double-spaced. The font must be at least 12 point.
  3. The proposal narrative should be double-spaced on standard 8-1/2" by 11" with 1 inch margins.
  4. Use the application checklist to ensure your package is complete.
  5. Submit the application by email only.
  6. Substantially incomplete, faxed, or late applications will not be considered.
Questions on completing the application can be addressed at the technical assistance workshop. The technical assistance workshop will assist interested applicants in determining eligibility and completing the required elements of the proposal package. Workshop date is tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2017 at 2:00 PM at 401 Van Ness Ave, Room 302 (third floor).


  • Programs must benefit San Francisco-based professional artists, teaching artists or nonprofit arts workers who have been a resident of San Francisco for at least five years, or artists who meet the MOHCD requirements for affordable housing. Artists may work in all genres including dance, theater, music, two and three- dimensional visual arts, film, photography, etc. and must demonstrate a significant professional commitment to artmaking (as opposed to artmaking as a hobby). Individuals working in nonprofit arts administration or as teaching artists with no less than two consecutive years of employment in the arts are eligible participants.
  • Applicants must be San Francisco-based; must be a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service; and must be in good standing with the State of California’s Registry of Charitable Trusts.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the SFAC and its City partners including Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and the Department of Children, Youth and their Families.  
  • Applicants must demonstrate a history and track record of successfully providing the activities and services within the framework described.
  • Successful applicants must comply with all applicable local government regulations.

What's Coming Up

Public Meeting

Street Artists Committee Meeting

May 10 to September 13
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

War Memorial Bldg | Rm 125
Public Meeting

Street Artists Committee Meeting

May 10 to September 13
2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

War Memorial Bldg | Rm 125
Public Meeting

Street Artists Screenings

April 27 to June 29
9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

War Memorial Bldg | Rm 125
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Executive Committee Meeting

May 22 to July 18
12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

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