David Huffman: Out of Bounds

Throughout my career as an artist, painting has been my primary practice. Working with the Arts Commission Gallery has given me the opportunity to work in other mediums: large scale sculpture, video installation, and sound, as well as painting. The title of this body of work is Out of Bounds. Here I take events and objects from my painting world and create them in real life. For my first large scale sculpture I built a pyramid out of 650 basketballs and developed a SETI Sound Pulse, which is a broadcast signal to extraterrestrial intelligence, to accompany it. The “Traumanaut Tree Hugger” is a video projection of me in an Apollo 11 suit, hugging trees that are soon to be cut down in the Sierras. I also explore the Afro-centric idea from the 1980s, that the origin of the human species was black Africans.  Analogous to this concept is the theory of dark matter and how it seeds galaxies and bodies of light in the universe. I have included one abstract painting that investigates this idea, which depicts thousands of small basketballs that behave like particles of dark matter seeding light in the painting. The idea that scientific and unscientific theory can be suspect depending on who you are, including who you are racially, underlies the show’s themes.

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