Passport 2011

Passport 2011 was great! Thank you all for your support!

Cheers to all of you who made Passport such a wonderful experience!

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery (SFAC Gallery) is grateful for all of the hard work and enthusiasm that people put forward to make this event so interesting, fun and rewarding. This year's Passport was the most successful Passport fundraising event to date. The money made from this event will  fund artists in the upcoming year. Your purchase is helping artists generate income and the SFAC Gallery provide programming that furthers cultural dialogue. We believe this is great and worthwhile and we thank you for making it possible.

Passport 2011 artists employed variety of creative solutions to the challenges of producing  small scale works that are interesting, meaningful and continues the language of their larger body of works. Artist John Chiara went so far as to build a small wooden frame that served as a printmaking register for his stamp(s). Although a single image was produced there were three distinct images at varying sizes and colors that were layered to create one final image. The process utilized three people. One to ready the Passport and ink the stamps, one to put the wooden frame into place, set the register blocks and press the stamp and finally another person to blow dry the ink between layers. It looked like a small factory line. People lined up out the door and down the sidewalk for this stamp, but there is no doubt that it was worth the wait.

Chiara was not the only artist to utilize assistants and a small production line for their stamp. Monica Canilao had a stamp that involved cutting, collage, sewing and stamping. The process alone was a work of art. Open the book, cut the page, collage on the page and insert a small strip of paper, sew the strip on, finish with a stamp on top of it all and repeat about 330 times. Having those two works alone is well worth the $25 cost of the Passport, not to mention the other incredible stamps and artworks that were produced.

Each year the SFAC Gallery visits a different neighborhood to host Passport. The impact in each neighborhood is also a worthy cause for participation. Each year patrons are introduced to vendors they may not have known existed. Several people commented on how they had never really explored the Castro and how great it was to find new spaces in their city that they might not have heard about. It is the SFAC Gallery's goal to partner with local business during this event. This partnership helps promote their business, introduce new customers to them and strengthens community.

After a day of meeting artists, collecting art and seeing new neighborhood spots people headed over to QBar for some refreshments and entertainment. This was a lot of fun. Artist Sean McFarland was taking photographs in a low lit room with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and any willing participants for $5. This was not officially a Passport stamp, but it really rounded out the collecting experience. McFarland shot black and white photos with a Fuji Polaroid style camera. With each participant he took time to light the scene, posture the subjects and came up with some truly amazing photos. Also at the after party was DJ'ing, musical performances, drink specials and raffle prizes. QBar generously donated a percentage of bar sales and helped organize and create a fun environment for everyone.

Stay tuned for next year's Passport event. We will be located in a new neighborhood with a new crew of artists and venues for your art collecting experiential pleasure.

For information about  Passport 2011 visit our Facebook page at or call 415.554.6080.

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Tell me more! How did Passport start?
In its inaugural year, Passport 2009 took place in the Mission District, arguably the heart of the local art scene, with stamps created by Libby Black, Michelle Blade, Lisa Congdon, Maria Forde, Colter Jacobsen, Veronica De Jesus, Sean McFarland, Barry McGee, Tucker Nichols, Maria Porges, Clare Rojas, Andrew Schoultz and Marci Washington and a diverse range of neighborhood supporters that served as lively stamping locations, including Needles & Pens, Bombay Ice Cream Company, Paxton Gate and Casa Sanchez.

In 2010, Passport took Hayes Valley by storm, with artist contributions from Timothy Cummings, Richard Diebenkorn (courtesy of the estate), Jamaica Dyer, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Suzanne Husky, Jason Jägel, Ruth Laskey, Paul Madonna, Nigel Poor, Ricardo Richey, Lordy Rodriguez, Jovi Schnell, Travis Somerville, Deth P. Sun, Weston Teruya, and Lindsey White. Small business and organizations in the area such as local bag-designer Timbuk2, AgeSong assisted-living home, the African American Art Culture Complex, and clothing designer Lemon Twist—who outfitted a drill team to parade along stamping route—were integral to the event’s success.

Pasport 2011 was generously supported by Body and the following sponsors.


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