Sergio De La Torre

Sergio De La Torre, El Puesto, 2011

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About this project:

El Puesto is a nomadic platform for dialogue. What cities need is a place(s) where people can get together and discuss issues that affect them directly. Invited participants, consisting of immigrant residents and staff members of nonprofits dealing with immigrant rights, are encouraged to speak freely about what would make their metropolis a more functional and humane environment for immigrant populations. In the wake of federal policies implemented after 9/11, San Francisco began to see an increased number of federal immigration raids, leading to growing fear and paranoia. Has the City assisted the immigrant population? Has the City sat down to hear what these people have to say? If so, what is the City doing to protect its citizens? El Puesto proposes a conversation that could lead to new ways of addressing this problem. The shared meal will be videotaped and shared with City officials. In Sydney, with the support of CarriageWorks, De La Torre looks forward to building an El Puesto event that brings focus to the Iraqi immigrant population.

El Puesto is a research project that aims to reflect on those projects which, circulating in the public space, challenge the conventional notion of the Museum and reformulate instead the functions of the exhibition display as a nomadic platform, nurturing direct and self-managed participation, development of social research and dissemination of educational experiences.

Sergio De La Torre is a photographer, filmmaker and performance/installation artist. De La Torre grew up in the Tijuana/San Diego border area and migrated to San Francisco. Sergio De La Torre's project work has focused on issues regarding immigration, tourism, surveillance technologies, and transnational identities. His current work documents the manifold ways by which citizens reinvent themselves in the city they inhabit, as well as site-specific strategies they deploy to move ‘in and out of modernity.’ He has exhibited in a variety of venues both national and international and has received grants from the NEA, The Rockefeller Foundation, Creative Capital, the Potrero Nuevo Fund, and the Creative Work Fund, among others.


This project is supported in part by the University of San Francisco. Sergio would also like to thank The House of Brakes, La Cocina and Cathy Lee. The crew: Camera: Daniel Gorrell and Derek Hansen; Gaffer: J. South; Editor: Daniel Gorrell; Tables: Chris Treggiari; Servers: Sarah Larrabe and Rommel Romo Chinchurreta.

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