The 21st Annual Art With Elders Exhibition

Image: Artwork by Jim Levitt from Raksha Care Home


The San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries Art In City Hall Program Presents  

The 21st Annual Art With Elders Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: October 3, 2012 – January 4, 2013

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 3, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

On Wednesday, October 3, the SFAC Galleries Art in City Hall Program will launch the 21st Annual Art With Elders Exhibition featuring 92 artists from 32 arts programming sites located throughout the Bay Area.

The exhibition will showcase original drawings and paintings made by seniors participating in the Art With Elders (AWE) programs. Each artwork will be accompanied by a black and white photograph of the artists and information about their lives and art practice. SFAC Galleries Manager, Aimee Le Duc states, “We are honored to host the Art With Elders Exhibition in San Francisco’s City Hall. What better way to tell the stories of some of our most valuable residents than through their own creativity and art.”

An established nonprofit organization, Eldergivers’ mission is to connect the generations through creative endeavors. Through the AWE program, older adults who live in long-term care facilities are offered an opportunity to explore and to develop latent artistic talents in on-going classes taught by professional artists. AWE also provides these senior artists with a variety of ways in which to exhibit their work in public. Over a twenty-year period, AWE has given thousands of seniors a new lease on life by introducing them to the adventure of art.

Eldergivers’ Executive Director, Brent Nettle, explains, “One of the most important connections an older person can make and maintain is with the curiosity, wonder and unselfconscious urge to explore and to create that are associated with the best characteristics of childhood. Willingness to rekindle the spontaneity, the excitement of grappling with the unfamiliar, and the sense of unlimited potential that we often associate with our younger days can – at any age – once again open hearts and minds to new worlds, new discoveries, new joys and, subsequently, fresh meaning in life.”

In addition to the exhibition, Eldergivers will be introducing its latest publication, LOOK AGAIN, a collection of work created by participants in the Art With Elders program at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. LOOK AGAIN will be on sale at the opening reception. The book, coupled with the show, is a testament to the breadth of not only Eldergivers’ impact on the community, but also of the deep reservoir of talent that exists within the Bay Area senior community. 

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San Francisco City Hall, Ground Floor

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About Eldergivers 

Eldergivers’ mission is to connect the generations through programs that celebrate the wisdom, talents and creativity of older adults. The organization focuses special attention on seniors who reside in Bay Area skilled nursing, assisted living and residential care communities. It is dedicated to helping Bay Area seniors stay connected to their communities and equally intent on encourage Bay Area residents to maintain connections with their elders

About Art With Elders

Art With Elders (AWE) current employs 18 professional artists to teach an estimated 375 residents of 32 Bay Area long-term care facilities how to paint. AWE is a fine arts initiative with an emphasis on skills-building. Teaching takes place at the sites in small classes which promote a high level of individual instruction combined with opportunities for peer socializing.

Eldergivers gives significant time and effort to showing artwork from the classes publicly for the primary purpose of encouraging elder artists to take their art practice seriously, to constantly develop their skills and to continue to grow as artists. Such exhibits also help these senior artists to maintain on-going connections to their families and to the larger community. And the exhibits also enable the public to see and enjoy art it would otherwise never see; challenge often negative perceptions of aging and of long-term care facilities; and, of course, promote and attract more support for Eldergivers’ mission. In addition to the public exhibitions, Eldergivers also makes elder artists’ work available to the public through on-line galleries, art books and greeting cards.

About San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries

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