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The StreetSmARTS program is a partnership between the San Francisco Arts Commission and Public Works that pairs artists with private property owners who have received Notices of Violation for the removal of graffiti on their buildings. Instead of repeatedly having to remove graffiti or pay associated fines, private property owners may opt into the StreetSmARTS program and have a mural painted on their property. StreetSmARTS murals deter ongoing vandalism that many private property owners face, while also beautifying neighborhoods.

muralThe fee for property owners to participate in the StreetSmARTS program is $1,500 which is put towards the cost of the mural. The remaining costs (estimated to be up to $6,500 per mural) are covered by Public Works. Compared to the ongoing fees incurred from violation notices, the program participation fee is effective for property owners in the long term.

Once the property owner agrees to participate in the StreetSmARTS program, Arts Commission staff will work with them to select an artist from the StreetSmARTS Murals Pool to create a mural at their site. The pool is open for artists to apply every two years. The next anticipated call for artists will be mid-2018.

If you are a property owner or artist interested in participating in the StreetSmARTS program, please contact Zoƫ Taleporos, Public Art Project Manager, at 415-252-2243, or

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