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Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network (PAN)

Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network (PAN) develops professional services for the broad array of individuals and organizations engaged in the expanding field of public art. More than 350 public art programs exist in the United States at the state, local and national level. PAN connects the field by stimulating dialogue, discussing critical issues, developing public art products and services, and providing information through the website and the PAN Listserv.


Public Artist Forum

For visual artists and related professionals active in the creation of permanent or temporary artwork for public spaces, or those who would like to be, this forum is a place to exchange questions, advice, support and wisdom about the field of public art.


Public Art Review

Public Art Review is the only national journal focused on exploring the many dimensions of public art. Each issue provides opinion, analysis, criticism and discussion about the nature and trends in public art. Published semi-annually since 1989, its readership includes artists, architects, curators, city planners, educators, design professionals, program administrators, community leaders, writers, and students.


CAFÉ, Call for Entry

CaFÉ is a Web-based service that allows organizations and administrators to easily and cost-effectively manage artist-application and jury processes related to calls for entry. The service is especially designed for use with public art projects, artist fellowships, and juried visual-arts competitions.



SlideRoom was founded in 2006 with the belief that creative materials are an important part of the application process and they should be easy to send and review online within a private environment. Since this inception, SlideRoom has blossomed into a widely used applicant management system capable of handling media, forms and references all in one place.


Culture Now

CultureNOW dedicates itself to celebrating our vast cultural environment as a gallery that exists beyond museum walls through cultural tourism and arts education.  CultureNOW believes that the three facets to understanding the world around us are art, architecture and history. Mapping these empowers the public to better visualize the place they live in making it a powerful tool to understand the richness and diversity of a community.




Heritage Preservation’s Rescue Public Murals initiative

Information regarding best practices in mural planing, wall selection, wall or surface preparation, painting, coating, and maintenance.




California Lawyers for the Arts

California Lawyers for the Arts empowers the creative community by providing education, representation and dispute resolution.


California Art Preservation Act

CAPA states that physical alteration or destruction of fine art is detrimental to the artist’ s reputation, and artists therefore have an interest in protecting their works of fine art.


Visual Artists Rights Act

VARA states the artist of a work of visual art has the right to claim authorship of that work. It prevents the use of his or her name as the author of any work of visual art which he or she did not create; prevents the modification of the work, and prevents any destruction of a work without reasonable allotments of time to contact the artist.




Cambridge Art Council, Public Art Conservation and Maintenance

Initiated in 1996, the Cambridge Arts Council’s award-winning Conservation and Maintenance Program provides consistent and professional care to its growing collection, and is nationally recognized as a model in the in the public art field through professional practice, workshops, and information posted on its website.


Forecast Public Art: Public Art Toolkit, Conservation and Restoration

The fact of the matter is, once the artwork is installed, its life is just beginning.  For permanent projects (lasting several years or more), a smart approach is to involve, if possible, a conservator in the process of planning and design.  If this is not done, conservation and restoration will not be far off.  Three sample projects illustrate options for an artwork when the work requires conservation or restoration.




The Artist’s Guide to Public Art

Lynn Basa

The book shows how to start and build a career in public art and assists in navigating the “system,” working efficiently, and standing up for the rights of artists. First-hand accounts from experienced public artists and arts administrators provide tips for the best ways to find, apply for, and win public art commissions.


Public Art by the Book

Barbara Goldstein

A nuts and bolts guide for arts professionals and volunteers creating public art in their communities. This is a definitive resource for information on public art for local government, arts agencies, arts professionals and artists.


Dialogues in Public Art

Tom Finkelpearl

The work presents a rich blend of interviews with the people who create and experience public art.  The twenty interviews are separated into Controversies in Public Art, Experiments in Public Art as Architecture and Urban Planning, Dialogues on Dialogued-Based Public Art Projects, and Public Art for Public Health.


The Art of Placemaking: Interpreting Community through Public Art and Urban Design

Ronald Lee Fleming

This work offers an engaging and comprehensive introduction to planning, funding, and designing public art to enhance sense of place.  With its unique function as a guidebook and catalogue of examples, and its wealth of practical information, it is an essential handbook for professionals in architecture, city planning, and public art.


One Place after Another: Site Specific Art and Locational Identity

Miwon Kwon

Informed by urban theory, postmodernist criticism in art and architecture, and debates concerning identity politics and the public sphere, the book addresses the siting of art as more than an artistic problem.  It examines site specificity as a complex cipher of the unstable relationship between location and identity in the era of late capitalism.


Conservation and Maintenance of Contemporary Public Art

Hafthor Yngvason

This resource brings together 27 papers presented at an international conference on contemporary public art conservation.  The publication features essays by some of the most renowned artists, administrators, critics and conservators working in the field of public art.

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