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Poster Series Archive: 2014

July 15 – October 14

Celebrating Bay Area Activism

by Sanaz Mazinani

Sanaz Mazinani
Celebrating Bay Area Activism was inspired by the rich lineage of social activism in San Francisco. The posters blend historical images from social movements of the past 50 years with recent images from more contemporary events.

October  – January

Active San Francisco

by Mark Ulriksen

Mark Ulriksen

Mark Ulriksen is a San Francisco-based artist and illustrator responsible for some of The New Yorker’s most memorable covers. For his new Market Street Poster Series Ulrkisen’s trademark humor and style is directed at San Franciscans engaged in a variety of outdoor recreational activities throughout the city.

January – April


by Lordy Rodriguez

Lordy Rodriguez

In his practice, artist Lordy Rodriguez investigates how we use visual language to represent ourselves. Strangerhood takes his investigation a step further. Using the language of cartography, Rodriguez reconfigures factual locations to create fictional territories that illustrate the cumulative identity of a whole neighborhood. Strangerhood features six maps depicting six iconic San Francisco neighborhoods reimagined as independent countries.


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