May 17, 2009 – Temporary Public Art Installation for Intersection on Market


Christian Werthmann + LOMA's 2000 Proposal

Christian Werthmann + LOMA's 2000 Proposal

Sunday, May 17, 3 -5 PM

Eureka Valley Recreation Center
100 Collingwood St
San Francisco, CA 94166


1. Project History

2. Project Area

3. Temporary Public Art Proposal

4. Open Discussion


The San Francisco Arts Commission will hold a public meeting to review the design concept for a temporary public art installation to be considered for implementation in conjunction with the new temporary plaza at 17th Street near Castro and Market.  The proposed installation, which features a body of mist illuminated by colored light hovering above the intersection of Market and Castro, is a component of one of the two winning design proposals from the Harvey Milk memorial competition held by the Arts Commission in 2000 with significant community involvement.  The artwork, by the team of Christian Werthmann + LOMA, was originally conceived as a permanent installation. This meeting will provide the community with an opportunity to revisit this concept and discuss its feasibility as a temporary artwork in conjunction with the new temporary plaza.

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