Street Artists Space Areas

Street maps showing locations of designated artists' spaces. Booth areas indicated in blue. Booth numbers correspond to those painted on the sidewalk. For a map of all street artists spaces, click here.

Map Name File Formats
0. Street artists’ display booth regulations PDF  |  Image
1. Beach between Polk and Larkin PDF  |  Image
2. Beach between Larkin and Hyde PDF  |  Image
3. Beach and Columbus PDF  |  Image
4. Hyde between Jefferson and Beach PDF  |  Image
5. Leavenworth between Jefferson and Beach PDF  |  Image
6. Jefferson between Hyde and Leavenworth PDF  |  Image
7. Jefferson and Leavenworth PDF  |  Image
8. Taylor between Northpoint and Bay PDF  |  Image
9. Taylor between Beach and Northpoint PDF  |  Image
10. Point Lobos PDF  |  Image
11. Market and 5th PDF  |  Image
12. Hallidie Plaza (Not Available 1/21/17) PDF  |  Image
13. Market and 4th PDF  |  Image
14. Market and O'Farrell PDF  |  Image
15. Market and Kearny PDF  |  Image
16. Market between Geary and Montgomery PDF  |  Image
17. Market and Montgomery PDF  |  Image
18. Sutter and Sansome PDF  |  Image
19. Market and Sutter PDF  |  Image
20. Market at Drumm PDF  |  Image
21. Stockton between Sutter and Post (S8 not available) PDF  |  Image
22. Stockton and O'Farrell (Not available) PDF  |  Image
23. O'Farrell between Powell and Stockton PDF  |  Image
24. O'Farrell between Stockton and Grant (Not available) PDF  |  Image
25. Geary between Stockton and Grant PDF  |  Image
26. Grant between Bush and Sutter PDF  |  Image
27. Grant between Sutter and Post (G7 - G12 not available) PDF  |  Image
28. Grant between Post and Geary PDF  |  Image
29. Grant between Geary and O'Farrell PDF  |  Image
30. Justin Herman Plaza PDF  |  Image
31. Market St. Weekend Street Artist Spaces (Nine Cafe Spaces) PDF  |  Image
32. 17th and Castro (Temporarily unavailable due to construction) PDF  |  Image
33. Market, Drumm to Steuart PDF  |  Image


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