November 09, 2016 to March 04, 2017

Not Alone:

Exploring Bonds Between and With Members of the Armed Forces

Not Alone: Exploring Bonds Between and With Members of the Armed Forces is an expansive exhibition featuring works by local and national artists and veteran artists that have been engaged with the subject matter of individuals supporting active-duty personnel and/or veterans over long periods of time.

The artists in Not Alone engage in building narratives about and with members of the Armed Forces and their families through media including photography, drawings, prints, sculpture, audio works, installations and 360 video. Their works offer perspectives on a variety of topics including veteran support networks, the experience of spouses and children of US military personnel and how veterans examine their own identity and personal relationships. The artwork in the exhibition highlights the family members, veterans and artists that actively seek out opportunities to connect and support their loved ones, friends and strangers (including everyone who is impacted by seeing this exhibition).

Not Alone is curated by SFAC Galleries Director Meg Shiffler and artist, curator and journalist Jason Hanasik.

Sarah Dale, Rodney Ewing* **, Michael Hall, Monica Haller, Jason Hanasik & Blake Montgomery, Jessica Hines, Amber Hoy*, Jennifer Karady, Amanda Lucier, Whitney Lynn, Suzanne Opton, Althea Thauberger, Ehren Tool*, and The Exquisite Corpse of the Unknown Veteran project organized by Aaron Hughes* & Jeanne Dunning featuring dozens of Bay Area artists and veteran artists.

* denotes a veteran artist
**SFAC Individual Artist Grantee, for more information click here.

Multiple public programs, made possible by grants from the California Arts Council, will be presented in partnership with local nonprofit organizations serving the veterans community. The programs will play an integral role in providing even more access to the exhibition and the SFAC Gallery’s goal of building and strengthening community.

Not Alone is supported by the California Arts Council's Veterans Initiative in the Arts. The SFAC would like to thank the American Legion and the veteran organizations in the Veterans Building.

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October 02
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September 25
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October 10
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September 13
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