Tatreez 101: Celebrating the Art of Palestinian Embroidery

with Amanne Shairf from Min Amanne Designs

Saturday, August 17, 2024 | 2:00-4:00pm
Space is limited. Please RSVP (Tickets available on July 5)

Embark on a captivating journey into Tatreez, the art of Palestinian embroidery with Amanne Sharif from Min Amanne Designs. In this two-hour workshop, discover the historical and political significance of tatreez, from its roots in pre-1948 Palestine to its role as a symbol of resistance post-Nakba. Learn the fundamentals of the fallahi stitch, or cross stitch, and start your own tatreez motif under Amanne's expert guidance. Leave with newfound skills, stitching strategy insights, and all the materials needed to continue your own tatreez projects, connecting deeply with this rich cultural heritage.

This workshop is planned in conjunction with the exhibition Praxis of Local Knowledge on view at the SFAC Main Gallery through August 17, 2024.

about the artist

Amanne Sharif, a Palestinian Tatreez artist based in the Bay Area, draws inspiration from her deep connection to Palestinian heritage. Guided by the stories of her maternal grandmother, a refugee displaced from Al-Qubab village in the Ramleh region in 1948, Amanne's art reflects a legacy of resilience and cultural pride. Despite resettling in Brazil, her grandparents ensured the enduring preservation of their Palestinian identity, nurturing Amanne's passion for Tatreez. Infusing each piece with her identity, Amanne employs traditional motifs enriched with vibrant nuances. Her work serves as a tribute to her ancestors, a reclaiming of stolen land, and a defiance against attempts to erase Palestinian identity. Additionally, Amanne co-hosts the popular podcast Tatreez Talk and co-founded The Tatreez Retreat. She offers virtual and in-person Tatreez workshops, with previous clients including Los Gatos Library, Stanford University, and Pixar. Committed to community engagement, she strives to preserve and celebrate Tatreez's rich heritage for future generations.

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