April 13, 2020 to June 07, 2020

Chain Reaction 13

Featuring 56 Bay Area Artists!!

The second exhibition in SFAC Galleries' Golden Capricorn 50th Anniversary season is Chain Reaction 13, a group exhibition produced on Facebook and Instagram

Launched in 1986, the newest rendition of this signature SFAC exhibition series celebrates 56 Bay Area artists, writers, and curators featured in daily social media posts. Chain Reaction mimics a chain letter where every Monday for the next eight weeks a new chain is initiated. Each participant is selected by the featured artist the day before—artists choosing artists choosing artists. The resulting chains make visible our communities' admiration and support for one another, which is amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the SFAC Galleries staff shelters in place, our conversations center on how to support our artist community through exciting opportunities that are accompanied by financial compensation. The quarantine forced a postponement of key 50th Anniversary programming, so bringing a wildly successful signature series like Chain Reaction into focus allows us to reference our dynamic past, while it also engages and funds 56 regional artists during a very difficult time. 

Chain Reaction 13 initiators and participants: 

Starting April 13: Lindsey WhiteAspen Maystamara suarez porras - Kija Lucas - Rodney Ewing - Nyame Brown - Juan Carlos Quintana
Starting April 20: Roula Seikaly - Chanell Stone - Nkiruka Oparah - Troy Chew - Vincent Miranda - dani lopez - Palija Shrestha
Staring April 27: Elena Gross - Richard Jonathan Nelson - Dionne Lee - Amanda Walters - Angela Berry - Lindsay Tunkl - Jillian Crochet
Starting May 4: Anne Colvin - Calum Craik - Victor Yañez-Lazcano - Mark Jayson Quines - Kevin Kunishi - Nicholas Albrecht - Carlos Chavarría 
Starting May 11: Jenifer Wofford - Torreya Cummings - Dorothy Santos - Heesoo Kwon - Andrew Sung-Taek Ingersoll - Oliver Hawk Holden - Alexis Yonan
Starting May 18: MACROWAVES Appendix Collective - Kimberley Acebo ArtecheMalaya Tuyay - Samantha Maria Espinoza - Sequoya Akosua Lee - Lara Kaur
Starting May 25: Jessica Sabogal - Yetunde Olagbaju - Gabriel Christian - KaliMa Amilak - Monica Hastings-Smith - Pedro Rosales - Braulio Barrera
Starting June 1: Sofie Ramos - Chris Sollars - Jennifer Locke - Tony Labat - Ana Teresa FernandezArleene Correa Valencia - Erik Parra

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December 18
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December 16
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December 11
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December 09
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