What’s on Market Street? New Poster Series by Triple Dream Comics, “Who is San Francisco?,” Spotlights Real Stories of San Francisco's Battle Against Displacement

Seven illustrated posters will be on view along Market Street through September 2023 that asks the question “What Could SF Be?”

Who is San Francisco? by Triple Dream Comics, 2023, Art on Market Street Poster Series Program

Who is San Francisco? by Triple Dream Comics, 2023, Art on Market Street Poster Series Program

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2023 – The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is thrilled to announce the installation of "Who is San Francisco?," the third of four poster installments that have been commissioned for the 2023 Art on Market Street Poster Series program. 

“Who is San Francisco?” features seven poster designs illustrated by Eisner Awards nominated Triple Dream Comics, a “magical girl” artist team featuring artists Lauren Davis, Mel Hilario, and Katie Longua, that delves into the stories of individuals and communities who fought against displacement in the city, shedding light on their struggles and resilience. The posters will be on view along Market Street between 7th and Steuart streets at 15 SFMTA transit shelters through September 2023. 

Known for their educational comics targeted at middle school grade students, Triple Dream Comics has tackled pressing issues such as gentrification, worker exploitation, and the complexities of relationships between individuals and powerful institutions in their previous works. However, "Who is San Francisco?" marks a shift in focus as the team presents authentic narratives about real human beings and their experiences of displacement. These tales come from real people who still hold a deep love for San Francisco and envision a brighter future for the city. 

"The third poster series in our 2023 Art on Market Street Poster Series program is a powerful representation of the human stories behind the struggle against displacement in our city,” said Ralph Remington, Director of Cultural Affairs. “Through their captivating artwork and oral history interviews, Triple Dream Comics vividly depict the experiences of individuals who are fighting for their homes and communities.” 

Through extensive oral history interviews, Davis, Hilario, and Longua present these stories in the voices of the people directly engaged in the struggle. They had the privilege of connecting with numerous generous individuals who shared their battles for homes, jobs, communities, and even hobbies. By leveraging the visual and textual nature of comics as a medium, the team ensures that the stories are conveyed in the exact words of the interviewees, fostering a direct connection between the people of San Francisco, its residents, and visitors alike. 

“Our hope is that these posters will remind readers that it’s the human beings that have made San Francisco such a unique place to live, and encourage all of us to look towards a more humane future—in San Francisco and beyond.” shared Triple Dream Comics artists in a statement.

Featured in the seven designs, you will find: 

  • How Did We Get Here? A brief history of displacement in San Francisco.  
  • What is a Neighborhood? Daniel B. Landry reflects on the history and effects of urban renewal in the Fillmore district. 
  • What is a Home? Jeanette Lazam recounts the history of the International Hotel and the displacement of the Pilipino community. 
  • What is a Park? Features the Godfather of Roller Skating, David Miles, Jr. and his advocacy for roller skating in Golden Gate Park.  
  • What is Work? Cinnamon, Ginger, and Vix discuss “The Lusty Lady” and the workers who unionized and then transformed it into a worker-owned cooperative to fight against their landlord. 
  • What is a Bar? Marke Bieschke co-owner of The Stud speaks to the importance of queer bars as they are slowly disappearing in the City. 
  • What Could SF Be? Ideas from housing advocate Darrell Owens on how to make San Francisco a more livable city for all.  

The 2023 Art on Market Street Poster Series theme, “Comics 2.0”, is a continuation of the 2022 poster series theme based on the artistic medium of comics. In addition to Triple Dream Comics, other artists that have been selected to be featured in 2023 include: Peter and Maria Hoey, Minnie Phan and Rina Ayuyang. 


About the Art on Market Street Poster Series
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