Let’s get Supplierized!


  • To receive payment from SFAC, you need to register with the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF)’s online payment system, F$P.

  • This can be a challenging process, but these step-by-step instructions will make this experience easier.


“Bidder” is a technical term for someone who has not yet done business with the City. Becoming a bidder introduces yourself or your business to CCSF’s payroll system.

Once you receive your Bidder ID,  you need to associate it with a Business Registration, even if you are applying as an individual or don't own a business/do business in the City of SF. 

At the end of Step 2, you will create and sign the "In-Lieu of Business Registration" form, indicating that you or your business does or does not need to pay business tax with the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector.

Before you can receive your Supplier ID number, you need to be 12B Compliant indicating that you or your business does or does not need to comply with the Equal Benefits Program. 

Please be patient, as it can take several weeks for approval. Once your Supplier ID number is sent to your email….CONGRATS!! You have been supplierized with the City! 


  • Downloadable City Supplier Instructions are forthcoming!

  • Complete and sign a W9 (everyone) and the Verification of Zero Employees (only for individuals not doing business in SF) and save them as two separate PDFs on your desktop. It's important to have these documents prepared before you begin.


    • If you are an organization doing business in San Francisco, visit this website to see which additional documents you should prepare in advance that are specific to your business tax registration and 12B compliance: https://sfgov.org/cmd/how-comply#what%20other%20forms 

    • If your paperwork is prepared beforehand and ready to upload, allow at least 30 minutes to complete the entire Supplier process

Step by Step

  1. Registered Bidder

    1. Visit: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/become-a-supplier.aspx       
      -Click on the "complete a short registration process" link at the top of the page:  https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/BidderRegistration-BS3/bidder-registration-1.aspx

    2. "Start a New Registration Form"
      -Select the type of entity (this must match your selection on your completed W9)
      -Select BOTH for types of activities > Select "Next"


    3.  "Identifying Information"  
      -Remain consistent with the information reflected on your W9
      -For an individual, enter your SSN without dashes in the Tax Identification Field 
      -*Leave the DUNS Number field blank

      Profile Questions
      #1: Answer NO
      #2: Select the answer that corresponds to your completed W9
      #3: Upload your completed/signed W9 from your desktop
      #4 & #5: Answer accordingly
      Additional Reporting Elements: Check all that apply > Select "Next"  

      *If a pop up window asks you to add the DUNS Number when you submit, click "OK" until the window disappears.

    4. "Enter Primary Address"
      -Again, the contact information should remain consistent with the information reflected on your W9.
      -IMPORTANT! Enter an email address you check regularly in the "Email ID" field. You will need to use this ID to complete this process and to regularly access your Supplier account.
      -Leave "Other Addresses" blank > Select "Next"

    5.  "Add/Review Contacts"
      -Select "Add Contact" then "Next" > A new window will pop up
      -For "Primary Contact" enter your information and remain consistent with the information reflected on your W9.
      -Enter the same email address you used on the previous page in the "Requested User ID" field

      bidder4.PNG bidder5.PNG
    6. "Set up Notifications"
      -Enter "96100" in the "Find Category" "Search" field
      -When "96100 Miscellaneous Services" pops up in the "Results" field select the "+" sign to the right to add to the "Selected Categories" column to the right.
      -Select "Next"

    7. "Terms and Conditions"
      -Enter the same email address used in the previous steps
      -Check the box to accept the Terms of Agreement > Select "Submit"


      -This confirmation page confirms your Bidder Registration was received. 


    8. Check Your Email!  You should receive TWO VERY IMPORTANT emails from the City.
      -EMAIL #1: Contains your Bidder ID number
      email 1.PNG

      -EMAIL #2: Contains your login credentials, the User Name (your email address) and a Temporary Password

      email 2.PNG




    1. Visit: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/become-a-supplier.aspx     
      -Click on #1 "San Francisco Business Tax Registration" link at the middle of the page: https://newbusiness.sfgov.org/vendor/ 

    2. CCSF Supplier - Business Registration
      -Answer all eleven (11) questions. If you answer “Yes” to any of those questions, you will be prompted to purchase a Business Registration Certificate [skip to "d" below].
      -Otherwise, you will answer “No” to all questions > Select "Continue"

      sf bus tax.PNG

    3. CCSF Supplier - Application Form or "In-Lieu of Business Registration
      -If you answered "No" to all questions in previous step you will complete this form.
      -Fill in your contact information. Remember, remain consistent with the information reflected on your W9. 
      -There is a field to enter your Bidder ID number, which was emailed to you in the previous step.
      -Individuals should re-enter their name in the "Name of Company" field 
      -Select "Submit"


      -A Docusign declaration will be generated containing your answers. You will be prompted to digitally sign the document, and submit.
      -You will get an email confirmation with a link to your signed document--save this for your records and as proof that you've completed this step. 
      -Please note you must have a valid Bidder ID to submit this form which declares you do not have to pay business taxes in San Francisco.
    4. Purchase business registration certificate
      -If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions on the first page, purchase a business registration certificate. Please forward your SFAC contact person an image of the certificate.
      -If you already completed this step, please send your SFAC contact person an email acknowledging completion - an image of the certificate OR a confirmation email is required if you purchased the business registration certificate.
      -The Treasurer & Tax Office (https://sftreasurer.org/) is the best contact if you have questions about this step.


    1. Return to the Become a Supplier page: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/become-a-supplier.aspx       
      -Click on #2 "12B Equal Benefits Declaration" link at the middle of the page


      -This pop up window will appear: 

      -Select the "Please click here to log-in and submit a 12B Declaration" link towards the top of the page.
      -It will take you to here:


      -Then, it will take you here:


      -Enter your username and temporary password from the City email you received when you completed the previous step. If you did not receive this email please contact SF Department of Technology at dtis.helpdesk@sfgov.org or 415-581-7100 (select the option for Bidders/Suppliers). 
      -You will be prompted to create a new password and answer security questions.
    2. Enter the following information in the next step, but include your personal Bidder ID number > Add

      -Set ID = Share
      -Declaration Type = Bidder
      -Bidder ID = your Bidder number from the confirmation email (starts with a B)


      After entering your Bidder information follow this pathway at the top of the page: Main Menu > Maintain Supplier Info > CCSF Certification > 12B Certification
    3.  Answer the 12B Declaration questions accordingly: 
      If you are a business, the City requires legal verification of firm size/employees. For more information, visit https://sfgov.org/cmd/how-comply

      -Company Information
      -Taxpayer Identification Number or SSN with no dashes.
      -Number of employees in the U.S: Answer "0“ if applicable
      -Upload the legal verification of employee count / verification of zero employee / firm structure / or 12B Compliance Form.
      -Are any of your employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement or union trust fund?
      -Union name
      -You must check the box next to both the address and contact names lines.
      -In Address section, check ONE address to designate as default location.
      -In Contact section, check ONE contract to designate as default contact.

    4. Answer the Compliance, Benefits, and Company Benefit Policy questions accordingly, *even if you are an individual not doing business in SF (see below)


      -*Answer key for individuals not doing business in SF:
      ---Question 1A: Yes
      ---Question 1B: Yes
      ---Question 2A: No
      ---Question 2B: No
      ---Question 2C: Leave blank
      ---Question 2D: No to all
    5. Once complete you should receive this email confirmation:

    6. Wait for approval (this can take several weeks). After you have been approved, you should get this email with your supplier number:

      supplier confirmed.PNG
    7. Forward this email to your SFAC contact as soon as you get it.


  4. technical assistance and support

    If you run into problems with any of the above steps you'll want to "Create A New Ticket" with the Supplier Portal support team at https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/contact.aspx or 415-944-2442. They are experts in all things City Supplier and are very responsive.


  5. Still have unanswered questions and need additional support? Contact the appropriate SFAC staff person below:

    Community Investments - Grants: Candace Eros Diaz - Candace.diaz@sfgov.org
    Public Art Commissions: Luna Izpisua - luna.izpisua@sfgov.org
    Public Art Program: Craig Corpora - Craig.Corpora@sfgov.org
    SFAC Galleries: Cece Carpio - Cece.Carpio@sfgov.org

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