In order to receive payment for an art commission or grant award, individuals and organizations must first become a certified City supplier. The system that the City and County of San Francisco uses to pay its suppliers is F$P (also sometimes referred to as PeopleSoft). This is a new citywide system as of July 1, 2017 and the current expected timeline for this process is a few weeks under optimal conditions.

The registration process can be challenging even for the most technologically savvy. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the step-by-step instructions below very closely. You can also download a PDF copy of these instructions here. 

Step by Step

  1. Let us walk you through the process.

    We admit that becoming a City supplier is not the easiest process and that wading through the City's bureaucracy can be a little frustrating. Rest assured, we are here to help. The first thing we recommend doing is contacting a designated staff person so that we can walk you through the necessary steps.

    Public Art Commissions: Alyssa Torres -
    Public Art Program: Craig Corpora -
    SFAC Galleries: Cece Carpio -
    Grants: Candace Eros Diaz -

  2. Fill out your W-9 form.

    In order to qualify to do business with the City, you'll need a complete W-9 form, with your signature (either digital signature or in ink). The complete form must be saved as a PDF. Download the latest version from the IRS. 

    Legal Names and Doing Business As (DBA)

    The name you use on your W-9, whether it be personal or business, is the name you will use on every part of this application. This should also be the same as the name you use on your income tax return. If you include your middle initial, please be consistent throughout. We appreciate your support and through our experience, having different versions of your name on the application will hold up the approval process. If you use a business name, you may enter that on the second line of your W-9 as a “Doing Business As.”

    Please contact an Arts Commission staff member from contact list above for help filling out this form. 

  3. Become a Bidder.

    If you have never received payment from the City and County of San Francisco for goods or services rendered, you will first need to register as a Bidder. 

    Click this link. 

    Follow the instructions below step-by-step. 

    1. Start a new registration form.

    Answer these questions:

    • What type of entity do you represent?
      • Individual or business (this is based off how you want to be paid / what your W-9 states)
    • What type of bidding activities you are interested in?
      • Both

    Click “Next.”

    2. Unique ID & Company Profile

    • DUNS Number: leave this blank
    • Tax Identification Number: enter your social Security Number or Employer Identification Number – be consistent with how your fill out your W-9
    • Entity Name: enter the name you will be using on your W-9

     Profile Questions:

    • Would you like to be included on the City's emergency supplier list?
      • No
    • What is the business structure for the company that you are registering?
      • Use W-9 to guide you here
    • Please attach your completed and signed IRS W-9, Tax Payer Identification Form*. For Foreign Suppliers, please attach a W-8 Form.  Keep in mind, that if you make any changes to your supplier name in the future, you will need to provide a copy of your W-9, the IRS FEIN Issuance Letter, and Secretary of State Amended letter with the supplier change request.
      • Attach your signed and completed W-9 (Must be a November 2017 revision or newer only)
      • Save the PDF of your W-9 – your SFAC contact may ask you for it at a later date.
    • Is any owner, partner, contractor, employee or employee family member of this vendor also a current City and County employee (including Commissioners, Board Members, Committee Members, and/or Safety offices for any City and County of San Francisco?  If Yes, please explain the relationship of the current city employee to this supplier, provide the name(s) and the name (s) of the departments they work for.
      • Answer accordingly
    • Does your company possess a current Business Registration Certificate (BRC)?
      • Answer accordingly for 5, 5a, and 5b
      • See the NEXT STEP section below if you answer “No” to this Profile Question

    Additional Reporting Elements:

    • Check all that apply.

    Click “Next.”

    You will get a message that says: “Please add DUNS number if the event for which you are registering for bidding includes utilization of federal funds.” Click “OK” until this window disappears.

    3. Primary Address

    • Fill in address and contact information.
    • Enter your email in ‘Email ID’
    • Other Addresses
      • Answer accordingly

    Click “Next.”

    4. Company Contact

    • Answer accordingly – must enter one contact (individuals can enter themselves)
      • Requested User ID is created here, please keep record of ID. (Tip: Use your email address for easier access).

    Click “Next.”

    5. Categorization

    • Under category, select the magnifying glass.
    • In the pop up window, in the box to the right of ‘Category,’ type 96104, hit enter
    • In the smaller pop up window, select 96104

    Click “Next.”

    6. Submit

    • Enter your email address.

    • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Agreement below.

    Click “Submit.”

    7. Receive Bidder ID

    You will then receive two emails:

    • A confirmation email with your Bidder ID number (begins with a capital B and is followed by nine digits)
    • An email with your login credentials (the user ID you created and a password that has been generated for you)

    Save both of these emails for your reference. 

  4. Register for Business Tax or Declare Exemption.

    1. Visit:

    • ​Answer all nine questions.If you answer “Yes” to any of those questions, you will be prompted to purchase a Business Registration Certificate [skip to number 4 below].
    • Otherwise, you will answer “No” to all questions.

    Click the button that appears at the bottom of the page after you’ve answered all the questions.

    2. Fill out the form

    • On the next page, fill in your contact information to connect your answers from the previous page to your Bidder ID account.
    • Once this is filled in, click to submit.

    3. Sign declaration

    • A declaration document will be generated containing your answers. You will be prompted to digitally sign the document, and submit.
    • You will have the option to save the docusign form as a .pdf.  Please save a copy and forward it to your SFAC contact.
    • You will get an email confirmation with a link to your signed document. Forward this to your SFAC contact.
    • Let your SFAC contact person know if you have any questions about this process.
      • Please note that you cannot submit this declaration unless you have a valid Bidder ID.

    4. Purchase business registration certificate

    • If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions on the first page, purchase a business registration certificate. Please forward your SFAC contact person an image of the certificate.
    • If you already completed this step, please send your SFAC contact person an email acknowledging completion - an image of the certificate OR a confirmation email is required if you purchased the business registration certificate.

    Note: Not everyone needs to do the next step. Please find out more from your SFAC contact person to avoid doing extra work.

  5. Become 12B Compliant.

    1.Use your Bidder ID to login at the Supplier portal:

    • For help logging in: SF Department of Technology: (415) 581-7100 – select the option for Bidders/Suppliers.

    2. In the Supplier tab, click on the link called “Supplier Work Center”

    3. Click Main Menu > Maintain Supplier Info > CCSF Certification > 12B Certification

    4. Fill out the fields with the following:

    • Set ID = Share
    • Declaration Type = Bidder
    • Bidder ID = your Bidder number from the confirmation email (starts with a B)

    Then click “Add”

    *This part may have a glitch, be patient and make sure the "Set ID" is set to "Share." Let your SFAC contact know if you are having issues with this step.

    5. Follow the prompts to complete the 12B Declaration

    You must check a box next to both of the address and contact names lines.

    After you save the 12B Declaration, note the Declaration Number at the top of the page so you can refer to it if you need to contact the Equal Benefits Unit.

    We recommend you take a screenshot, make a PDF, or print a copy for yourself. Your SFAC contact person may need this at a later date.

    • Company Information
      • Number of employees in the U.S. (Answer “0” for sole proprietor)
      • Are any of your employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement or union trust fund? 
      • Please attach legal verification of employee count/firm structure: not necessary at this stage. Equal Benefits will contact you if this is necessary for compliance
      • Union name: Leave blank if none, or answer accordingly
      • Check boxes next to address and contact name
    • Compliance Question
      • Question 1 A: Answer Yes
      • Question 1 B: Answer Yes
      • Question 2 A: Answer No
      • Question 2 B: Answer No
      • Question 2 C: Leave blank
    • Company Benefit Policy
      • Question 2 D: Answer yes to all
    • Other Supporting or Required Documentation

    *You can submit a revised W-9 or an image of your yellow Business Registration Certificate. These documents are not required in order to submit the 12B.

    6. Wait for approval (this can take several weeks)

    7. After you have been approved, you should get an email with their supplier number. Forward this email to your SFAC contact as soon as you get it.

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Advisory Committee of Street Artists and Crafts Examiners

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Advisory Committee of Street Artists and Crafts Examiners

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War Memorial Bldg | Rm 125
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Advisory Committee of Street Artists and Crafts Examiners

January 07
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

War Memorial Bldg | Rm 125