The Treasure Island Arts Master Plan guides the implementation of the Treasure Island Art Program, which is funded by one percent of the construction costs of Treasure Island’s redevelopment.

Aerial rendering view of Treasure Island with a view of the Bay Bridge

Image courtesy of Treasure Island Development Authority

TreasureIsland Promenade.jpgTreasure Island’s early identity is inseparable from the spectacular and legendary artwork commissioned to create an island of grandeur and fantasy for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, known for its spirit of innovation. Building upon this history as well as its name as a source of inspiration, the vision for Treasure Island is to be known as a destination for the arts and a laboratory for cultural experimentation.

As much as $50,000,000 will be generated by the 1% for Art in Private Development requirement associated with the construction of up to 8,000 residential units and 550,000 square feet of commercial space in new and adaptive reuse of historic buildings by Treasure Island Community Development, the master developer. In a significant and noteworthy departure from the standard practice of using these funds at the private development site, on Treasure Island these funds will be used exclusively for art programming to enhance and activate public spaces -island-wide. This is a substantial and generous investment in the success of the public realm of the island and a rare opportunity to plan and integrate a new art program concurrent with the island-wide redevelopment.

The policies and procedures that govern the program are set forth in the Plan to guide the Treasure Island Development Authority and the San Francisco Arts Commission in program implementation. The Treasure Island Art Program shall be developed over a twenty-year period linked to the funding and construction cycle of the island, following the plan's approval on June 14, 2017.

The Treasure Island Art Steering Committee includes JD Beltran, Ralph Remington, Chris Meany, Linda Richardson, and V. Fei Tsen. 

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